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Victorian Tea at Harmony Hall-Jacob Sloat House: Highlights!

Updated: May 8

Charming vintage place settings adorned by cleverly wrapped napkin roses welcomed guests to Harmony Hall’s annual Victorian tea. The double salon was filled with visitors who traveled from near and far to partake in The Friends’ version of Low Tea on Saturday, May 4. Sometimes confusing, High Tea is not a delicate meal of finger sandwiches and scones served with clotted cream. That is Afternoon or Low Tea. That was often served at a low table in a parlor generally between 4 and 5 pm. It became a welcome break for ladies between lunch and the late supper of the Victorian times. High Tea, served at a dinner table, was a 6pm heartier selection including meat pastries to sustain workers until the late supper meal. The Friends blend the delicacies of Low Tea enjoyed at an elegant dinner table setting.

Several guests get together with friends and use this opportunity to return year after year. A few classmates from Spring Valley Senior High School Class of 1971 enjoyed a mini-reunion and members of the Red Hat Society looked fabulous in their red hats and red fascinators.

Speaking of fascinators, Guy Carsone, a milliner from Airmont, NY donated a beauty that was a high-demand raffle prize. Also, generously donated was an 1890’s inspired design of a drip dry rack cabinet by inventor and business woman Tal Simhoni of Suffern. Her company is The Drip Dry Corp. Both donations were greatly appreciated. Proceeds from the raffle and 100% of the ticket sales go toward the restoration of Harmony Hall. The raffle winners were Kathy Coviello of Ramsey, NJ (fascinator hat), and Sherri Goffman of Woodstock, NY (Drip Dry Rack).

Victorian Tea at Harmony Hall-Jacob Sloat House

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