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Invest in the Past and in the Future - Become a Member Today!

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Membership in Friends of Harmony Hall ~ Jacob Sloat House is a unique opportunity to invest in the past and the future. When becoming a member, you are supporting historic preservation and providing the means for sharing the rich history, culture and environment of the Ramapo Pass and Highlands with generations to come. 

You are also ensuring that we can continue our many diverse programs, which include music, theatre, educational  and rare film performances; history lectures, book signings, fine arts lectures and exhibits, seasonal celebrations, hikes, and art/crafts classes. Our annual signature events include our Victorian High Tea, Halloween Happenings, Victorian Holiday, and the award-winning Highlands Bluegrass Festival.

Why not join the preservation movement?! Become a member today using the form below and support the restoration work and unique programs that are making Harmony Hall such a special place to visit.

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