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The Town of Ramapo Completes Vital Structural Repairs and Roof Restoration Projects Totaling $600,00

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

The Town of Ramapo completed a $600,000 plan to restore Harmony Hall's main roof and to complete structural repairs in May 2015. The project was completed by restoration contractor Yankee Construction, and included the replacement or sistering of rotted portions of original 1848 corner posts, foundationsills and studs; repairs to the original Dutch nogging between wall studs and damaged clapboard; restoration of Yankee gutters and replacement of downspouts; reinforcement of original chimney structures; and the replacement of the main building roof.

This project took advantage of a state "matching" grant program, where the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historical Preservation contributed half of the total project cost using resources received from New York State's Environmental Protection Fund. Bidding delays required the Town of Ramapo to complete temporary repairs to the deteriorating roof to protect the interiors of the house until the roof could be replaced. With the structural and roof repairs now complete, Friends of Harmony Hall can begin to tackle the interior restoration work that was also postponed until leaks could be addressed. Friends of Harmony Hall would like to thank the dedicated staff of the OPRHP and the Town of Ramapo for their diligence and support of this vitally important capital improvement project.

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Alison Cooper
Jul 25, 2023

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