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The Language of Astrology

Saturday, June 22nd, 1pm to 4pm -

This presentation by astrologer & Trustee of Friends of Harmony Hall, Marianne Carroll, is structured to playfully guide you through the rich symbolic language of astrology. You will dynamically imprint these ancient symbols by first learning how they are shaped and drawn which, in turn, will aid you in creating your own interpretations for what the symbols of "the heavens" represent & reflect in your own life.

You will also learn about the phases of the moon, planetary retrograde motion, the changes of the seasons & relationships between planets that effect one's astrological profile. By the end of the workshop, those gathered will be able to collectively apply their knowledge to understand and appreciate one person's birth chart randomly selected from participants.

To Benefit Historic Preservation of Harmony Hall - Jacob Sloat House

Preservation partners with the Town of Ramapo

$25 Donation to Friends of Harmony Hall

$20 for Members

Reservation Required / Limited Seating

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