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Annual Winter Solstice Celebration!

This year, we have the rare opportunity to come together to celebrate both the last sunset of fall followed only 17 minutes later by winter solstice. Therefore, the Friends of Harmony Hall - Jacob Sloat House will present a festive program on Wednesday, December 21, 4-6pm which, depending on the weather, will be both outside and inside the 1848 mansion. We will also honor our local indigenous people the Ramapough Mountain Lenape with the participation of Shaman Cindi Fountain. She will present a large medicine drum and distribute rattles to greet and honor the new season. Afterwards, in Harmony Hall’s historic parlor, Geoff Welch will perform original musical compositions. Refreshments will be served. Join us at Jacob Sloat's mansion beautifully decorated in Victorian holiday splendor.

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