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An Evening of Classical Music Favorites Celebrates the Life of Geoff Welch

By Jacob Sloat descendant, Peter Bush

The sounds of glorious classical music favorites filled the double parlor of Harmony Hall on Saturday evening, June 22, 2024, with a well-attended concert produced by the Hudson Valley Wind & Brass Ensemble. Extreme heat gave way to a balmy breeze as the evening progressed, and stalwart music lovers were treated to selections of Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Holst, Grieg, Puccini, and others.

Members of the always gregarious musicians of the ensemble provided interesting and fun historical context and stories for many of the evening's presentations. The wonderful acoustics in the double parlor of the 175-year-old mansion never fail to impress the ear. The evening was dedicated to our late friend Geoff Welch, Harmony Hall’s curator and historian since 2006, an accomplished musician, nature

photographer, and environmental advocate for clean water and the beauty of the historic highlands. Geoff could be found here on many a day over the last 18 years, rehearsing upon his electronic keyboard original compositions and classical selections.

A flute duet in memory of Geoff by Nancy Surridge and Stephanie Anne Sirico was an Excerpt from Summer, from the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi. Founding member of the FOHH and trustee Peter Bush read two poems by Joyce Kilmer: Trees and The House with Nobody in It. Both are evocative of nature and history, two passions to which Geoff was most dedicated.

At intermission and after the concert, guests enjoyed cooling summer beverages and sweet and savory refreshments courtesy of Friends’ board members.

The Friends of Harmony Hall remain profoundly grateful for the times we shared with Geoff Welch, and his absence will be felt by our board, members, and the community. We were all accustomed to seeing Geoff point his camera to capture many beloved memories and people at many signature events produced by the FOHH.

Thank you, Hudson Valley Wind & Brass Ensemble, for your always stellar musicianship, the joyful sound of music filling Harmony Hall, and most of all, your kindness, generosity, and friendship!

Thank you,

Matt Surridge, for beautifully photographing the event

Ian Boschen: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Michael Cartaya: Clarinet

William Greene: Trombone & Alto Flute

Stephanie Anne Sirico: Flute & Alto Flute

Nancy Surridge: Flute & Alto Flute

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