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2024 Garden Party Highlights!

A picture-perfect sunshine-filled day greeted The Friends of Harmony Hall at the Annual Member Garden Party on Sunday, May 19, 2024. Several new members expressed enthusiasm for the 1848 house and the year-round events the Friends produce! Board President Andrea LaMantia updated guests on the recent south parlor windows restoration project and the exciting new discoveries! Board trustee and conservator Ken Linsner found pottery shards and rusted tongs on the north side of Harmony Hall in the upturned soil due to the recent excavation for the sewer installation. The outhouse for the 19th-century house most likely would have been in this area. Since most trash was composted or burned in the 19th century, it was common for broken glass, toys, and metal houseware pieces to be disposed of in the outhouses.

Ken Linsner explains, “It was long thought that the outhouse(s) for Harmony Hall was placed in the position where almost all 19th-century examples were sited... behind the main house and to the right of it. Recent work on a sewer connection has confirmed this. In preparation for a small excavation surface, surface finds gave us a glimpse into the everyday pottery used at Harmony Hall in the 19th century. Blue and white transferware, patent medicine bottle fragments, and creamware were discovered in the area disturbed by the sewer line excavation. Pieces of tar-covered terracotta pipe were also found, which may indicate that the house had a functioning bathtub on the second floor, which was drained by gravity into the pit beneath the outhouse.” 

Later this summer, Ken Linsner plans to organize a professional sondage (archeological pit) to determine the exact location of the outhouse to help reveal additional ceramics used during the Sloat period of occupation. These discoveries are a testament to the Friends' ongoing efforts in historical preservation.

Interesting conversations, sharing ideas for future Fall 2024 events, and exceptional food made for a pleasant day. We were especially grateful to have founding Friends member, Sloat descendant, and village historian Harrison Bush back with us after his illness and PT rehab. We also missed our dear friend and environmental advocate Geoff Welch, who is currently facing serious health issues. Geoff, we want you to know that you were in our thoughts throughout the event and send wishes for hope and comfort.

We hope to see everyone again at An Evening of Classical Music Favorites featuring The Hudson Valley Wind and Brass Ensemble on Saturday, June 22, at 6pm.

2024 Garden Party!

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A lovely afternoon to be sure! And the cake was delicious! Looking forward to more events at Harmony Hall!!

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