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The Secret Language of Flowers in the Victorian Era

Updated: May 13

Enjoy an afternoon in the Grand Salon at Harmony Hall with Interior Designer Linda Karen, who will speak about The Secret Language of Flowers in the Victorian Era.  Floriography, as it is also known, was a way of expressing feelings and sending secret messages using the meanings of flowers in Tussie Mussies bouquets.

You will be taken on a journey through the history of this art from medieval times when nosegays were created through the Victorian era, especially relating to Harmony Hall, into the modern-day.  Ms. Karen will explain the symbolic meaning of each flower and show a classic composition of a Tussie Mussie.  She will demonstrate how to make a bouquet while guests follow instructions to complete a take-home Tussie Mussie.  There will be an opportunity to participate in a raffle of her three showpiece bouquets. Then finish the day with a sparkling cider toast and chocolates.  Tickets are on sale until February 8th at

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