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Sidman's In The Clove & Sloat History

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

"Sidman's in the clove" aka: Sidman's Tavern and its veteran cemetery now

sits surrounded by the 2019 construction of the Woodmont Apartments. The

original house footprint and site is rich in history and significance. It is

certainly a worthwhile, doable and workable plan/collaboration to restore and

utilize Sidman's as a unique venue for Woodmont residents and ever-increasing tourist numbers in a dynamic ongoing economic revitalization initiative in the Sloatsburg and Tuxedo corridor. The successful restoration of the Perry Blauvelt Seth House in Orangetown as a resident clubhouse is an excellent business model for Sidman's in the clove.

The original proprietress of Sidman's in the clove, was the widow Sidman,

one of two sisters of the original Dutch family, Van Deuzer. The front

elevation of Sidman's Tavern faced Old Orange Turnpike. During the start of

construction of the Woodmont Apartment complex in 2019, the entire

footprint of the original and highly historic Old Orange Turnpike was

bulldozed. In addition the "Sterlington" entrance gates created by Julia

Morgan Hamilton were bulldozed. This stone entrance gate stood for decades

marking the entrance to Table Rock, the estate built by Julia Morgan

Hamilton. Julia was the daughter of JP Morgan. Her husband a descendant of

Alexander Hamilton. Yes...that Hamilton!

Across the Route 17 entrance driveway to Sidman house/tavern is an

American war veteran cemetery, the place of burial of Captain John Sloat,

son of Stephen Sloat and brother-in-law of Sidman as well as proprietor of

Sloat's Tavern and a continental officer. The Sloat family played a significant

role in the founding of this corridor creating amongst other achievements, a dynamic Mill operation. Inventor, Manufacturer and Philanthropist Jacob

Sloat established a vibrant 19th Century main street just north of Sidman's.

Sloat was considered a mechanical genius. Inventions by Jacob include the

cap spindle which greatly improved the quality of his primary product: twine.

This twine product was such a high quality that it led the NYC market for

over 20 years with 8,000 lbs a week shipped by rail from his mill in

Sloatsburg. His homestead Harmony Hall is an award winning ongoing

preservation and revitalization project in Sloatsburg and is listed to the state

and national registers producing well received year round programs and

events including an annual Blue Grass festival.

For most of the 20th, and well into the 21st Century, the Sidman Tavern was

homestead of the Pierson family, the Mapes with all surrounding lands

owned by the Ramapo Land Company.

To the the South of Sidman's in the clove was Sidman's Fort (Present day: a car repair site across from Gates of Praise Church, the turn off to Hillburn and

Mt. Fuji Restaurant). General George Clinton reinforced Sidman's Fort with

regiments - 900 men to be under Washington's command. This would have

been in the Summer of 1777.

With the 250th anniversary of the Revolution approaching in 2026 it is a

viable and respectful revitalization collaboration to propose that Sidman's in

the clove and its veteran cemetery remain as a restored juxtaposition to

present day residential commerce and our important role in the American

Revolution and 18th century commerce.

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