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Historic Site Signs for Harmony Hall - Jacob Sloat House!

Nestled on a hill, hidden behind a strip mall in Sloatsburg is one of

Rockland County’s treasured historic landmarks. Even some neighbors

have yet to find Jacob Sloat’s Harmony Hall, but fear no more! Commuters

and locals driving along NYS Route 17 (Orange Turnpike) will now be able

to locate it easily.

On April 25th, the New York State Department of Transportation

(NYSDOT) installed brown/white Historic Site signs for the Jacob Sloat

House along Rt. 17 in both north and southbound directions at the

intersection of Rt. 17 at Eagle Valley Road. 

Back in October 2021, Friends of Harmony Hall board member Kathy

Goldman reached out to Gayle Sudder, Transportation Analyst from the

NYSDOT Regional Traffic & Safety Group, to inquire about signage for

historic sites. Gayle shepherded Kathy through the application

process. The NYSDOT is required to fabricate signs according to the name

listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Therefore, “Jacob Sloat

House” was printed on the signs, although locally the house is better known

as Harmony Hall, the name Jacob Sloat gave his house. The NYSDOT

understood that “Harmony Hall” is the more recognized name for this

historic site. However, the preliminary review to include “Harmony Hall” led

to concerns that the letter size would be too small for the traveling public to

read and understand the sign effectively.

NYSDOT intended to locate the signs on Route 17 at Liberty Rock Road

since this is the address for the Jacob Sloat House and how GPS routes

motorists, but the sign crew found an underground cable at that

intersection. Due to the cable, they had to install the signs at the

intersection of Route 17 at Eagle Valley Road instead. Kathy Goldman

said, “This is a better site since the main entrance to the house is off of

Eagle Valley Road.”

Realizing the new historic site signs will increase interest in Jacob Sloat’s

Harmony Hall, the Friends of Harmony Hall would like to install an

information kiosk with a brochure box at the 1848 mansion to welcome

visitors if they visit when the house is not open. This is a great project for a

Girl Scout Gold Award or Boy Scout Eagle Project. For additional

information about the Friends of Harmony Hall and events at Harmony Hall,

visit or email

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