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Highlights from The Language of Astrology

Fortunate attendees at Harmony Hall experienced a master class in astrology taught by long time astrologer and FOHH trustee Marianne Carroll. The Language of Astrology presented the rich symbolic language of astrology including how ancient symbols are drawn. These “symbols of the heavens’ are imbued with far more substance than mere symbols of the zodiac and Ms. Carroll generously walked

participants through the construct of such concepts as inner self and compatible elements to fire, earth, air and water. Detailed drawings and specific computer diagrams of the movement of the planets in their orbits all served to engage the audience in understanding the phases of the moon, planetary retrograde motion, the changes of the seasons and relationships between planets that effect ones’

astrological profile.

An analysis based upon the time of ones’ birth certainly made a compelling case for how our individual attributes are not by accident but rather preordained in the stars! Thank you Marianne for a detailed and engaging presentation!

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