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Heartwarming Celebratory Reception of Harmony Hall's Lease Signing!

A celebratory atmosphere accompanied the long-awaited lease signing between The Friends of Harmony Hall and Town of Ramapo on Sunday, November 3, 2019.

The ceremony took place in the recently restored double parlor of Harmony Hall. FOHH Board VP, Barbara Berntsen succinctly reiterated the critical benefits of this administrative milestone document saying: “The lease will permit the FOHH

to move forward with long awaited forward planning autonomy and preservation progress”. Supervisor Specht lauded the work and accomplishments of the FOHH since their formation in 2006.

Esteemed guests included: Founding President of the FOHH, Sloat descendant and Village Historian Harrison Bush, Senator David Carlucci, Legislator Doug Jobson and Assemblyman Karl Brabenec, members Kay Brum and The Harvey family who have been supporters of programs and events at HH, from the beginning.

Portraits of Jacob and Sarah Sloat were on display which were original to the 1848

house providing an elegant reminder of the remarkable 171-year history of their homestead, Harmony Hall.

Special thanks to the current FOHH Board for their ongoing advocacy and for hosting what will be a highly anticipated new chapter in the history of the Harmony Hall-Jacob Sloat House preservation/restoration project!

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