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Gracious letter by Independent Scholar Eve Kahn

November 19, 2018

Dear friends:

I have been writing and lecturing about art and architectural history and antiques for three decades now. I have rarely felt more welcomed and appreciated than I did in fall 2018, when the Friends of Harmony Hall hosted my talk on Sloatsburg artist, ceramist and textile designer Edith Varian Cockcroft (1881-1962).

Peter Bush’s warmth, excitement and deep expertise in local history motivated me from our first phone conversation in March—back then he already envisioned a well-attended talk and well-stocked show of Edith’s work at the house. And then to have it all come to fruition—to see the elegant mansion in full harvest décor, the parlor thronged with a standing-room-only crowd listening to my speech, so many interesting cultured visitors asking questions and enjoying delicious catering afterwards—it was frankly thrilling. And there are few historic venues so flexible that they could accommodate not only a big crowd but also an unpredictable quantity of objects and paintings that were loaned and displayed just for that day!

It was a great honor to have been invited to reveal my discoveries about Edith at Harmony Hall, and the day was beautifully planned and went off flawlessly. It’s a treasured memory. I look forward to playing a role in future Harmony Hall events.

All best for the holidays!

Eve Kahn

Peter Bush and Eve Kahn / Edith Cockcroft Presentation

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