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Sloatsburg Elementary 4th Grade Visits Harmony Hall Jacob Sloat House

Updated: May 17, 2022

After a two-year pause, the annual Sloatsburg Elementary School Fourth Grade Community Bus Tour happily resumed on Thursday, May 12th.

Mayor Peter Akey was joined by former Mayor Carl Wright and Friends of Harmony Hall’s historian Geoff Welch for a pleasant, spring morning tour.

Students visited sites on the State and National Registers of Historic places including Harmony Hall - Jacob Sloat House, The Sloatsburg Cemetery, the Sloat House and Inn, the site of the former Sloat Mill, and Sloat’s Dam on the Ramapo River. They also stopped at the site of the former Sloatsburg Elementary School and the Sloatsburg Library, which was once St. Francis Episcopal Church, which was built on land donated by the Sloat family and supported by their generosity. The fourth graders concluded their outing with delicious pizza at Characters Restaurant.

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