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2022 Summer Solstice Highlights!

On the ebb of spring, the weather was most delightful as guests relaxed in the shade and enjoyed refreshments at the June 19th Summer Solstice Celebration. The resident raven picked off the last fruit from the top of the black cherry tree, while Harmony Hall’s historian and musician Geoff Welch played “harmonic” melodies from his keyboard synthesizer.

Local distinguished special guests entertained the crowd. Archeologist Ed Lenik told fascinating stories - one about the Native American and colonial settlements that existed on the site of the Monksville Reservoir before it was dammed.

Nancy Gibbs had the crowd ponder today’s existence of “avian” dinosaurs with her poem, “Prehistoric Bird Song.” Howard Horowitz read thought-provoking poems with a geological orientation.

Shaman Cindii Fountain, a member of the Ramapough Lenape Nation, graciously addressed the group with an inspirational outlook as we all head out of the post-pandemic global challenge. Her colorful traditional garb was as beautiful as her uplifting spirit. It was a wonderful beginning to Harmony Hall’s summer filled with exciting events!

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