Archaeologist Edward J. Lenik Book Signing!

With the publication of his fourth book on the Ramapough Lenape people of

northern New Jersey and southeastern New York, archaeologist Edward J. Lenik

celebrates a half century of research and investigation. Ramapough Lenape

Heritage focuses on the archaeological evidence of continuous indigenous

occupation Lenik and others have uncovered from early 20th century explorations

by amateur archaeologists to the careful, scientific excavations and analyses of the

late 20th and early 21st century professionals like himself. Much of the material in

this book can be found only in cultural resource studies filed in New York and

New Jersey state repositories.

The Stag Run Village site, the Trading Post site, the Sheffield Farm Housensite, the Indian Field Village site, Mountainside Farm and numerous open air campsites, workshops, lithic scatter and quarry sites are discussed. The mysterious Prehistoric Walls site in Sloatsburg; NY is presented in detail with new insights. Halifax or Green Mountain Valley in Mahwah, NJ is examined both archaeologically and historically using census data to identify some of its former occupants.

The 280-page book, printed in color, features 13 tables and 128 illustrations

including photographs, maps, field sketches and drawings.

Ed will have Ramapough Lenape Heritage & other Ramapough books for sale at Harmony Hall on Sunday, Jan. 12. 2-4 PM

Ramapough Lenape Heritage can be also purchased for $20 from the North Jersey Highlands Historical Society Bookshop at Ringwood Manor State Park or can be ordered by sending a check for $20 plus $4 shipping and handling to North Jersey Highland Historical Society (NJHHS) at P.O. Box 248, Ringwood, NJ 07456.

Lenik’s 3 previous volumes are also available: Indians in the Ramapos. Survival, Persistence and Presence (1999) $10 Ramapough Mountain Indians: People, Places and Cultural Traditions (2011) $20/ Keepers of the Pass, The Ramapough Lenape Indians (2016) $20

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