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Recent Restoration News

FOHH completes renovations on the first-floor bathroom, making it handicap-accessible in the process.

Thanks to FOHH board President Barbara Berntsen and her team at ADW of Sloatsburg, a spectacular, new bathroom has been constructed to replace the 1960s-era installation that once served the residents of the adult home that occupied the mansion until it was shuttered in 2003. Sporting new equipment, fresh paint, stylish wainscoting and a new tile floor, FOHH took the time to widen and replace the original door so that the room is now appropriately-designed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. We are proud that we can now offer a more sensitive and welcoming experience for all of our visitors - especially those with special needs.

Online auction leader BRG spruces up building interiors for use as the antique dealer's official auction preview venue in the Lower Hudson Valley

Black Rock Galleries has spruced-up the exhibition rooms on the ground floor of the mansion as the online antique auction house prepares to use Harmony Hall as a staging and preview area for its new auction activity in the Hudson Highlands. Although this is far from the final wall and trim treatments that will eventually be applied in these rooms, BRG's efforts have lead to the sealing of cracks in the plaster and against the dangers associated with lead paint. The new paint also lends a new dignity to the rooms, which have suffered from years of neglect, and more recently, from a leak in the second floor heating system, which caused a considerable amount of damage to the ceiling and western wall of the south salon. Our thanks to BRG and to FOHH Trustee and V.P. Kenneth Linsner for the work they have done to clean-up after the water leak and to providing a clean wall finish in the south salon, the dining room and the formal entrance hall. Our thanks also go out to Ken for pursuing the FOHH/BRG partnership, which not only represents a source of new funding for restoration at Harmony Hall, but provides a new avenue for economic development in the Mid-Hudson region.

Become part of the Harmony Hall preservation movement!

For information on how you can help with restoration work that is currently being planned for the mansion's interior, please contact Restoration Committee Chair Kenneth Linsner at klinsner@friendsofharmonyhall.org or call Curator Geoff Welch at 845.712.5220. Financial contributions that are designated for restoration projects are also 100% tax deductible.